We are a reactive generation. We are told what to think and what to believe and all we have to do is accept or reject it. If we don’t like what we are being told, we look for communities that will tell us what we like to hear. Sadly, this is true within and without the church. Having itching ears, we accumulate for ourselves teachers to suit our own passions, and turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. We are driven by emotions. Our reasoning is biased by our beliefs.

The recent US election has provoked emotions and heightened tensions between already divided communities. Slander and insults are thrown back and forth. We are motivated by fear. We do not trust anyone. We do not strive for the truth. We all cry out for justice, but only for those we do not agree with. If justice were fully executed, none of us would go without consequence.

I challenge you to act rather than react. If someone posts something that you do not agree with, find out why they think that way. If someone comments on your video expressing hate or disgust, do not reply to start an argument. If someone goes as far as calling you names directly, let them suffer their own consequences. 

Instead, take action! If you feel strongly about a certain cause, go out and do something about it! Start a fundraiser. Do some research and write an article. Talk to real people in real life who think differently than you. 

This blog is my way of taking action. Whenever I have looked at posts on Facebook in the past week, my spine began to tense up with emotions elicited by posts by my friends in my newsfeed. I intentionally chose not to respond and closed the browser tab. It’s not that I am disengaged; I just choose to act rather than react.

I voted for Trump. By no means do I think he was an ideal candidate. But given that the issues with government tend to be systemic rather than personal, I chose to vote for him because Hillary would only have perpetuated systemic injustice. Unfortunately, Trump has struck a personal chord with millions of people in this nation. I cannot disregard what he has said and done, and the fears and emotions of those he has offended are completely valid. Many people are saying that Trump is not their president. I am sorry to inform you that he is and you cannot deny it. But he doesn’t have to be your God. The government cannot save you. 

We have seen this all before. “And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves.” (1 Samuel 8:18) Samuel warned the nation of Israel about the consequences of having a king. They chose to reject God as king. The US has chosen to do the same, but we can choose to be citizens of God’s kingdom. We still need to respect and submit to the authorities God has allowed here on earth, but I would encourage you to accept God as your King. He is the only one who can save you. 

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