For someone who writes philosophical, theological, and analytical blog posts, I don’t take as much time to patiently ponder as I should. Every waking moment, I occupy my brain with countless thoughts, but they are generally superficial. Proper processing requires slowing down and taking time to digest. Just last night, I decided to browse my phone instead of bringing my cares and contemplations to God as I lay awake. Today, I hastily neglected my coworker instead of taking the time to listen to his perspective and come to a mutual understanding. Yesterday’s sermon reminded me that God is always patiently waiting for us to come to Him. He is eager to hear my excitements, joys, sorrows, fears, frustrations, and confusion.

From Screen by Twenty One Pilots

I do not know why I would go In front of you and hide my soul 'Cause you're the only one who knows it

From Rest by Half Alive

Rest is a secret I start to believe in Stopping the motion to process the moment