Seth Caleb Weeks

Cool Coincidences

Jun 3, 2021

Angelica and I just bought a house a couple of weeks ago. The process took longer than expected, and we nearly had to move out of our old house before closing on the new one because of the delay. Thankfully, everything worked out with the closing dates, and the exciting day to sign the papers had finally arrived. In the morning, we went to a sonogram appointment to determine the gender of our baby, then went directly to the bank attorney’s office. As we were signing the last papers, I noticed that there was a piece of paper with Widewaters Group letterhead. Since Angelica works at Widewaters, I thought that maybe it was just a verification of employment. Angelica saw that the name of the paper said Joe Snyder, who is the VP of the legal department and whose desk is adjacent to hers. Turns out that Joe was the seller’s attorney and the seller’s brother!

Later that evening, we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate, and I asked a couple named Duncan and Stephanie if they wanted to join us. They were celebrating their anniversary, and so declined. We went to an authentic Chinese restaurant and had hotpot. As we were finishing our meal, Duncan and Stephanie walked in all dressed up for their date! They had never been to that restaurant before, and just so happened to pick the same restaurant we were at.