Seth Caleb Weeks

Don't Think

Oct 8, 2021

In modern America, the general population is no longer taught how to think, but is instead told what to think. Many people have recently been ridiculed for simply making observations and coming to conclusions that differ from what the media is pushing. You will often hear people being called idiots because they don't believe in science even though the claim in question hasn't been personally investigated. It it truly ironic that those who look at the world around them and use their faculties to process information are considered to be stupid.

This made me wonder if there is ever a time when thinking is objectively foolish. The book of Matthew recounts several instances where Peter is rebuked for his line of thinking. It is certainly unwise to presume that we have things figured out better than God, but does that same reasoning apply to the expert opinions of our politicians, scientists, and media developers? Firstly, anyone who claims to have unquestionable authority on any topic is prideful at best if not narcissistic. The scientific method itself encourages scientists to perform rigorous research and publish reproducible procedures so that other people can verify their own work. Unfortunately, it is obvious that uninformed people are easier to influence.

This post is more of a rant than anything else, and my thoughts are emotionally charged and half processed. The COVID pandemic has given the government the opportunity to convince masses of people that they know what is best with a large motivator of fear behind their rhetoric. It is sad to see so many people around me simply regurgitating what they see in the news and anxiously following everything they are told. From my personal observation, it appears that getting the COVID vaccine has little impact on the transmissibility and symptoms of the virus, and it is frustrating that there are so many restrictions for those who are unvaccinated. My wife and I just got our first dose this past Monday because we would like to be able to travel soon, but I am sad that we were given very few alternatives. If you have taken the time to read this rant, would you please take time to think about what you are told before simply accepting it as truth? May God give you not a spirit of fear, but of power, or love, and of a sound mind.