Seth Caleb Weeks

From "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" (by R. A. Torey)

Aug 4, 2021

The “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” is a short treatise on the titular doctrine that is concise, convicting, and pragmatic. The prevailing theme of the book is that the Holy Spirit is essential to the work of ministry that God has called us to. I would recommend anyone to read the book, and the Kindle version can be downloaded for free. Here are some quotes from the book:

If a person has experienced the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, he is a saved person, but he is not equipped for service until he has received the baptism with the Holy Spirit in addition to this. The baptism with the Holy Spirit is always connected with testimony and service.

The baptism with the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God coming upon a believer, taking possession of the faculties, and imparting to them gifts not naturally their own, but which qualify them for the service to which God has called them.

There are seven things to guard against if we are to keep our spiritual power: the surrender of our separation, sin, self-indulgence, greed for money, pride, the neglect of prayer, and the neglect of the Word.