Seth Caleb Weeks

God's Grip

Jun 2, 2021

When I encounter certain doctrines that are difficult to understand, I try to reduce the doctrine to actionable responses. In other words, if a certain doctrine is true, what are the implications for my life? One such doctrine is the endlessly debated paradox of predestination and free will. One illustration that has stuck with me regarding this doctrine is that of a father and child holding hands as they cross the road. It is important that the child holds on to the father’s hand, but it is the father’s grip that keeps the child from running into the oncoming traffic. Our assurance of salvation lies in the fact that God has a tight grasp on us. If there is anything else that we choose to hold on to that does not have a firm grasp (or that is misleading us), we had better let go immediately. It is precisely because God is holding us tight that we must hold on to Him even tighter. We can rest in His mighty hand and respond by abiding in Him.