Seth Caleb Weeks

High Road

Jul 29, 2021

It seems like driving is seldom about getting from point A to point B. It is usually some sort of competition. Although I try to conscientiously suppress my competitive nature, I redefine the rules of the game and take pride in being a better driver than other people based on some metrics that I make up.

It is always right to take the high road, but it is tempting to look down on those who are not. We think that because we do not behave like other people, we are better than them and deserve some sort of recognition. (Two relevant scriptures that come to mind are Luke 18:9-14 and 2 Corinthians 11:16-12:10). Apart from Christ, we have no righteousness of our own. Comparing myself to others is a dangerous behavior that only leads to either discontentment or pride. When we see sin in those around us, it should remind us of the wretched state of sin we were in when Jesus died for us. We are entirely dependent on Him for both salvation and sanctification. There is nothing in us that makes us better off than anyone else, and thinking that there is disqualifies us from the gift of grace that God extends to us.