Seth Caleb Weeks

Korah's Rebellion

May 28, 2021

Numbers 16 details the story of the clan of Korah rebelling against the authority of Moses. The Korahites were from the tribe of Levi and given the task of caring for the most holy items of the tabernacle. God had chosen them for a very special role of service, and given them a portion from the contributions of the nation of Israel. However, they wanted a higher status and challenged Moses.

Almost a year ago, God presented me with an opportunity to work at a new company in a software architecture role. Just as the Israelites passed through the Red Sea, I had a clear path before me, but it meant trusting that God would hold back the water as I passed through. He has provided for me tremendously and in unexpected ways. I have the privilege of making nearly every technical decision on behalf of the company, but we knew that we needed to add members to our team who had expertise in the areas that I am not proficient. Instead of seeing this as a beneficial strategy for both me and the company, I did not like the idea of giving up my authority. I had forgotten that God had led me safely through the Red Sea and given me a special role to serve Him.

I am so thankful for the many ways God has provided for me and blessed me. It is so important for us to continuously reflect on His goodness and faithfulness.