Seth Caleb Weeks

Losing Momentum

Jul 1, 2021

I am not a particularly motivated person. Every now and then I get bursts of energy, but I tend to run out of steam. I guess that’s what some people call burning out. Lately, I’ve been losing momentum. I used to have an endless backlog of posts to write, would go for a morning run two to three times a week, kept up with house chores, and put in a productive day at work. But now I’m running out of things to write about (can’t you tell…?) and struggle to find the desire to do much of anything during the day. I think the solution to this problem is just to rest, which is often easier said than done. Resting is a gift from God, but we often try to rest by distracting ourselves with even more activities. For some reason, I’m convinced that watching videos on my phone is more relaxing than going to bed early, reflecting on the truth of the Bible, or talking through my day with my heavenly Father. With that being said, I’m signing off for now! See you tomorrow, Lord willing!