Seth Caleb Weeks

Love: a Binary Operator

Jun 18, 2021

In mathematics, most algebraic operations are binary operators: they take two items to produce a third item, usually of the same type. For example, addition is a binary operation that results in the sum of two numbers. There are a few operators that are unary operators, such as negation for numbers. Love is a concept that involves two parties. How then is it possible to love yourself? In an earlier post, I made the claim that this was only possible by being in a union with God and loving Him. This stretches the concepts of unity and identity, but not in an inconsistent manner. I also made the claim in that post that God exemplifies the command to love others as we love ourselves. This means that God is fully capable of loving Himself without any outside help. How is this possible? The triune nature of God stretches the concepts of unity and identity in precisely the same way that is required for us to love ourselves, except that His union is self-contained. God is love because He is the only one capable of loving Himself through His triune nature. I can’t claim to fully understand the trinity, but it certainly has great implications for our relationship with God.