Seth Caleb Weeks


Jul 14, 2021

When I started blogging again recently, the motivation that I set for myself was to use this platform as a way of reminding myself of the lessons that God is teaching me. Unfortunately, the routine of trying to pump out an article every weekday has incentivized me to produce content rather than reflect. There are several categories that I use to classify my posts. Chronicles summarize recent events, economics and politics philosophize about the nature of humanity, and theology and simplified doctrine explore the nature of God and his word and what we should do about it. This post is a personal reflection on the fact that I should be reflecting more. Every post should originate from a conversation with God. I need to take the time to digest recent events and allow God to use each moment to transform me through the renewing of my mind. We are only capable of thinking about what we put into our brains. It is critical to dwell on heavenly things so that our minds are focused on God.